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Peak Oil/Gas

UK will face peak oil crisis within five years, report warns
Published 29 October 2008 by The Guardian (UK) (original article)

The risk to the UK from falling oil production in coming years is greater than the threat posed by terrorism, according to an industry taskforce report published today. The report, from the Peak Oil group, warns that the problem of declining availability of oil will hit the UK earlier than generally expected - possibly within the next five years and as early as 2011.

Q&A about the Bellingham/Whatcom County Task Force
Published 3 August 2008 by (original article)

An interview with David MacLeod of Sustainable Bellingham about the formation and goals of the joint Bellingham / Whatcom County Energy Resource Scarcity / Peak Oil task force.

Sustainability and the Bellingham/Whatcom County Energy Resource Scarcity and Peak Oil Task Force
Published 3 August 2008 by (original article)

Whether it is plastered on the side of a bus to promote public transit or peering out from the window of a locally-owned business, support for sustainability is gaining ground in Whatcom County. As one potential solution to globally diminishing natural resources, sustainability, among other things, will be studied as part of an Energy Resource Scarcity Task Force.

Governments and candidates need to embrace peak oil

Renewable energy has emerged as a serious issue among politicians at all levels in the United States. Peak oil is a different story, however. Federal, state and local leaders will continue to misunderstand the energy crisis we face if they ignore the new energy production constraints of the 21st century.

Does the economic crisis mean peak oil is delayed...or already past?

With oil $60 cheaper today than it was in July, you might think economic recovery and increased global oil production are right around the corner. Not so, says peak oil author Richard Heinberg, who argues that cheaper oil is actually part of the problem -- and that it's all downhill from here for oil and the global economy

The Ripple Effect of High Oil Prices - Rural America
Published 2 October 2008 by Foundation for Defense of Democracies (original article)

In an article about the ripple effects of high oil prices in the global economy, analyst Shlok Vaidya reserved a section for the economic straits that rural United States communities will find themselves in. The jury is out on how well they will be able to adapt.

Scottish councils urged to get into peak oil practice
Published 6 October 2008 by The Scotsman (original article)

To help councils in the U.K. formulate their thinking on peak oil and climate change preparedness, two organisations, the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (ODAC) and the Post Carbon Institute, have got together to produce a guide aimed at local councils, outlining the implications of "peak oil" and the kinds of responsible options that are available to councils.

Report/Paper: Research paper: Peak Oil (National Assembly for Wales)
Published by National Assembly for Wales (original article)

The Members' Research Service of the National Assembly of Wales produced this (thoroughly researched and footnoted) report for members of the assembly.

Report/Paper: Oil Vulnerability Strategy/Action Plan for Queensland: Research Paper
Published by State of Queensland (Environmental Protection Agency) (original article)

This research paper provides an overview of a range of critical issues relevant to the development of an oil vulnerability mitigation strategy and action plan, including: possible broad principles and approaches to manage the inherent risks and uncertainties surrounding the timing and net impacts of peak oil on Queensland; projections of Queensland’s vulnerability to the potential impacts of peak oil, drawing on currently available data and modelling; and suggesting the further work required to evaluate and refine possible initiatives to reduce Queensland’s vulnerability to rising/more volatile oil prices and to the potential supply disruptions.

Report/Paper: Queensland Government, Towards Oil Resilience Community Information Paper
Published by State of Queensland (Environmental Protection Agency) (original article)

This paper is part of an ongoing process to develop an Oil Vulnerability Mitigation Strategy and Action Plan for Queensland, anticipated to be finalized by mid next year. The paper is an information document that is not government policy. This paper is the first step in developing policy options for inclusion in the Oil Vulnerability Mitigation Strategy and Action Plan.

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