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Berkeley envisions ambitious energy plan
Published 29 January 2008 by the San Francisco Chronicle (original article)

The city's efforts to meet the mandate reached a milestone Monday when Berkeley officials gathered in front of the city's solar-powered nature center at the Berkeley Marina and released a 66-page Climate Action Plan, which Mayor Tom Bates called a road map for any community that wants to help avert the potentially devastating consequences of global warming.

Oregon's 2009 climate change agenda announced
Published 24 January 2008 by Office of Gov. Ted Kulongoski (original article)

According to Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski, "global warming is already threatening Oregon’s economic prosperity and quality of life." On Jan 24, his office announced appointments to the Oregon Global Warming Commission and outlined his climate change package for the 2009 legislative session, which includes "Resources for state and local agencies to integrate climate change policy and analyze impacts of climate change on our water, forest, coastal and transportation resources."

Resolution/Ordinance: Kenai Peninsula Borough (AK) climate change resolution
Published by Kenai Peninsula Borough (original article)

The Kenai Peninsula Borough's Resolution 2007-069, adopted in January of 2008, is the first climate change resolution we have heard of that includes adaptation and impact mitigation planning as well as emissions reduction. The assembly requests the mayor to develop a Climate Change Impact Plan that assesses the borough's vulnerabilities and opportunities.

How cities' climate-change promise became an afterthought
Published by (original article)

If mankind is going to overcome the challenge that climate change presents, cities will play an important role. Over 700 U.S. mayors have signed on to the Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement; while some are taking significant steps, other cities have done little more than sign on. They're in a challenging situation, having promised big changes in a small timeframe, but some see the agreement as having value even if they don't reach the goals before the planned-on date of 2012.

Alaska towns developing climate change adaptation plan
Published by The Peninsula Clarion (original article)

While many cities and towns have officially recognized climate change and are working on mitigation, the communities of Kenai Peninsula Borough in Alaska are among the first to look at adaptation in their plan. The Borough Assembly has approved the development of a climate change impact plan to assess their communities' vulnerabilities due to climate change.

Portland Takes on Peak Oil: From Understanding to a Resolution
Published by HopeDance Magazine (original article)

Since the Portland Peak Oil Task Force released its final report in March, 2007, the city has taken some actions to follow up on its recommendations. Notably, the city's budget, released in July, included $1.4 million for Peak Oil related measures and $1.14 million for "sustainable economic development." Numerous projects are underway.

ICLEI Local Action Summit 2008
May 14, 2008 - May 16 2008
Published by ICLEI US (original article)

Every year ICLEI hosts the premier event for local government staff and elected officials who are advancing climate protection and sustainability at the local level. Whether you’ve been working in the field for 20 years or just got into the game, the ICLEI Local Action Summit will have the skills training, keynote presentations, breakout sessions and networking opportunities you need to take your city’s, town’s or county’s climate and sustainability efforts to the next level.

Climate protection agreement launched by world mayors and local governments
Published 12 December 2007 by ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (original article)

As nations negotiated climate policy in Bali earlier this month, mayors and other representatives of local governments worked out their own agreement: the World Mayors and Local Governments Climate Protection Agreement. Their agreement recognizes the confluence of two major trends -- the urbanization of the human population, and climate change.

Resolution/Ordinance: Berkeley Peak Oil and Gas Resolution
Published 18 December 2007 by Berkeley City Council (original article)

Resolution passed by the Berkeley City Council on December 18, 2007 acknowledging the challenge of Peak Oil and the need for Berkeley to prepare a plan of response and preparation. The resolution also recognizes the work of the group Oil Independent Berkeley.

Hamilton, Ontario: Energy City
Published 14 December 2007 by The Hamilton Spectator (ON) (original article)

The daily newspaper of Hamilton, Ontario reports on Post Carbon Cities author Daniel Lerch's recent presentation there. "[Lerch] is encouraged by signs that Hamilton is looking seriously at an economic blueprint less dependent on oil. In his view, Hamilton has set an example among municipalities in tackling energy and air-quality concerns since the oil crises of the 1970s."

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