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Preparing for Peak Oil at City Hall
Published 30 April 2007 by HopeDance Magazine (original article)

In this article for the relocalization issue of California magazine HopeDance, Post Carbon Cities' Daniel Lerch introduces why peak oil is an issue for local governments, and what local leaders can do in response.

CNU President: Higher density for higher energy efficiency
Published 17 May 2007 by Philadelphia Inquirer (original article)

Congress for the New Urbanism President John Norquist observes that cities have powerful environmental advantages: they make it easier to walk and use public transit.

Vancouver, Seattle, Portland: A Tale of Three Cities
Published 5 May 2007 by Vancouver Sun (BC) (original article)

The three major Pacific Northwest cities of Vancouver (BC), Seattle (WA) and Portland (OR) have long compared their planning and sustainability practices against each other. This article is a good summary of the roots of that friendly competition, and how Vancouver may lose its green tinge with massive highway building for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

James Howard Kunstler: Remarks to the Commonwealth Club of California
Published 29 March 2007 by Global Public Media (original article)

James Howard Kunstler, author of The Geography of Nowhere and The Long Emergency, speaks to the Commonwealth Club of California about the American car culture and our illusions of maintaining it with alternative fuels.

Peak oil, public health, and vulnerable populations
Published 2 April 2007 by Peak Oil Review (ASPO-USA) (original article)

Lesa Dixon-Gray, member of the City Council-appointed Portland Peak Oil Task Force (Oregon), discusses the threat that peak oil poses to vulnerable populations.

Report/Paper: Implementing the Most Effective Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Strategies to Quickly Reduce Oil Consumption
Published 1 January 2007 by Parsons Brinkerhoff

This report from leading engineering firm Parsons Brinkerhoff aims to help local and regional government agencies prepare for fuel supply disruptions by reviewing lessons learned from previous fuel supply disruptions and recommending the transportation demand management strategies that offer the most potential to quickly reduce fuel and oil consumption. It uses the Seattle, Washington region as a case study, but is applicable to metropolitan regions throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Online: SustainLane Government Best Practices Database
Published by SustainLane (original article)

A leading database of best practices in sustainable development for U.S. and Canadian governments. "Advancing Cross-Sector Sustainable Development for State and Local Government"

Mexico and the first peak oil mass migration
Published 1 April 2007 by Resource Insights (blog) (original article)

If Mexico has passed peak oil, as some analysts believe, it is difficult to see how the country will be able to maintain its current level of public services -- raising fears of mass migrations to the United States.

Burnaby (BC) engineer and planner Stuart Ramsey on addressing climate change and peak oil
Published 5 March 2007 by Global Public Media (original article)

Stuart Ramsey gives a presentation to the National Resource Council Canada's Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation on urban transportation strategies for addressing the challenges of peak oil and climate change. Audio and images from the presentation available at Global Public Media.

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