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News and other media about Daniel Lerch, author of Post Carbon Cities (2007). More coverage of Daniel's post-PCC work here.

  • VIDEO: May 2009, Cultivate Centre (Ireland)
    The Powerdown Show (10-episode series)
    The Powerdown Show explores the Transition Towns movement in a humorous, accessible and inspiring way. These accessible 20-minute episodes feature engaging animated sequences and interviews.

  • ARTICLE: 17 May 2009, New York Times "Green Inc." blog
    Getting Out From Behind the Wheel
    "The barriers to less car-centric living and urban development in this country are very formidable and still pretty institutionalized," [Lerch] said. "I'm not holding my breath."
  • ARTICLE: March/April 2009, Boston Review
    Small, Green and Good: The role of neglected cities in a sustainable future
    The Portland, Oregon–based Post Carbon Cities project offers one bold way to start thinking about national policy, with its call for the "relocalization" of cities, a form of decentralization grounded in local food systems and energy resources... As Daniel Lerch puts it: "This is not just an issue of scale. Very soon we'll see cities of any size going down the path of sustainability with regard to food and watershed."
  • ARTICLE: 12 December 2008, The Oregonian
    Lincoln City crimps its carbon
    Daniel is quoted this article about a coastal Oregon town aiming for carbon neutrality through green energy, efficiency, collaboration with a carbon co-op, and other measures.
  • ARTICLE: 4 December 2008,
    Asesor del gobierno de Portland en EEUU cree imprescindible comenzar a producir energía de modo local de forma inmediata
    Article on a webcast presentation by Daniel to Innovation Kaleidoscope for Sustainability conference in Bilbao, Spain.
  • ARTICLE: 1 December 2008, Planning magazine
    Post Carbon Cities
    "Oil production could peak by 2010. What does that mean for your community?" Article by Daniel Lerch.
  • PRESENTATION (video): Posted December 2008 by Post Carbon Institute
    Post Carbon Cities presentation at NJTPA
    Daniel explores what peak oil means for leaders at the local level and how cities in the U.S. and elsewhere are already responding. Presentation to the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority. Running Time 29:10. Filmed June 2008.
  • INTERVIEW: 18 November 2008, KDHX FM 88.1 (St. Louis, MO)
    Radio interview with Daniel about the book Post Carbon Cities.
  • ARTICLE: 21 September 2008, Sacramento Bee (Calif.)
    A less car-dependent California
    Daniel comments on our enduring relationship with the personal automobile, and the potential for a less car-dependent California. Written for the Sacramento Bee's "The Conversation".
  • ARTICLE: 13 August 2008, Homer News (Alaska)
    - Homer in good shape to tackle energy volatility, says expert
    - Council considers oil prices, energy conservation issues
    "The volatility in supply and costs makes it difficult to make infrastructure and policy decisions," Lerch said. "Budgets become difficult to plan because costs are unpredictable."
  • ARTICLE: 13 August 2008, The Homer Tribune (Alaska)
    Finding fuel for the planet
    "Local governments can address energy uncertainty -- indeed, should address it. 'What is it going to be like two years from now?' Lerch said cities should be asking."
  • INTERVIEW (radio) 8 August 2008, Alaska Public Radio Network
    Alaskans beginning to look at alternative energy solutions
    APRN's Steve Heimel interviews Daniel .
  • INTERVIEW (radio) 13 July 2008, Business Matters Radio Talk Show
    Surviving the Oil Crisis

    BM's Thomas White interviews Daniel.

  • ARTICLE: 3 July 2008, Mountain News (N.M.)
    Ad Hoc Citizen Energy Board Lighting Up The Future
    "As pointed out by Post Carbon Institute's Daniel Lerch, author of the essential planner's guidebook Post Carbon Cities, 'Identifying and mitigating community vulnerabilities is one of the more important ... expectations we have of our local governments.'"
  • ARTICLE: 2 July 2008, News & Record (N.C.)
    Cities plan for world where oil is scarce
    "Local government officials need to initiate conversations about how to respond to declining oil supplies, said Daniel Lerch, a program manager with the Post Carbon Institute."
  • ARTICLE: 1 July 2008, North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority Communiqué
    Peak oil expert warns dependence leaves economies vulnerable
    Daniel presents at NJTPA's "Symposium 2035".
  • REVIEW: 27 June 2008,
    Book Review: Post Carbon Cities
    "The focus of [Post Carbon Cities] is absolutely right on for most local governments, and the information in the book is desperately needed by local municipalities. Post Carbon Cities focuses on the basics: what the energy problem is, why it is, and what can be done about it."
  • ARTICLE: 27 June 2008, Asbury Park Press (NJ)
    With a backdrop of high gas prices, transportation planners hold symposium
    "The old assumptions no longer fit," Lerch said. "No one thought (crude) oil would be $140 a barrel in June 2008. No one based plans on that scenario, and that becomes a problem. ... We must take time to make fundamental changes to land use," he said.
  • PRESENTATION (video): posted June 2008 on Global Public Media
    Peak Oil and Energy Uncertainty: Challenges for Local Governments
    Daniel describes some of the short and long term challenges that peak oil will create for local governments. (Excerpts from a November 2007 presentation.)
  • ARTICLE: 28 May 2008, Maclean's
    After cheap oil: soaring energy costs are about to change everything
    "Public policy -— from decisions to invest in multi-billion-dollar freeway projects to airport expansions —- remains stubbornly rooted in the idea that oil will be available and affordable far into the future, says Daniel Lerch, author of Post Carbon Cities."
  • ARTICLE: 7 May 2008, Solar Today
    Tools exist to defeat global warming
    Reporting from the Solar 2008 conference. "Local governments need to start planning for fuel-shortage emergencies, said Daniel Lerch... "It's important to give your local officials the information on distributed generation and solar technologies so that they can make informed decisions."
  • ARTICLE: 2 April 2008, The Kilkenny People
    Finding local solutions for the world's oil crisis
    From Daniel Lerch's presentation in Kilkenny, Ireland. "'Even if things aren't happening at a national level, you can still act on a local level,' Mr Lerch said. 'You know how much sun you get here, you know what your potential is for bio-fuels is, and they don't necessarily know that in Dublin.'"
  • INTERVIEW (audio): 13 March 2008, Corporate Watchdog Radio
    Post Carbon Cities: Planning for the Convergence of Peak Oil and Climate Change
    Daniel discusses how the policy void at the federal government level in the US is driving action at the municipal and state level to address climate change and peak oil.
  • REVIEW: 1 March 2008, Permaculture Activist
    Peak Planning by Erica Etelson
    Book review of Post Carbon Cities. "If you’re worried about peak oil, you should be. But don't waste your time ordering peak oil survival kits off the internet. Get this book, and share it with your local officials. We've all got a lot of work of to do."
  • ARTICLE: 11 February 2008, Business Week
    Rise of the Carbon-Neutral City
    "But even the glitziest, most intelligently designed projects have raised significant questions from environmentalists about how much of an impact new developments can have on the global environmental crisis. 'You have to wonder what that money could have done to make existing cities more sustainable,' says Daniel Lerch, program manager of the Portland (Ore.) Post-Carbon Cities Institute [sic], which helps local governments plan green development projects."
  • PRESENTATION (video): 31 January 2008, Focus the Nation national teach-in
    Post Carbon Cities presentation
    Daniel teach-in session at Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon.
  • ARTICLE: 23 January 2008, Post-Bulletin (Rochester, MN)
    Adjustments will be needed as oil supplies dwindle
    On the occasion of Daniel's presentations in Minnesota.
  • INTERVIEW (audio): 22 January 2008, The Reality Report (radio, Mendocino, CA)
    Daniel Lerch on the Reality Report
    Daniel discusses the responsibilities and roles of local governments, systems thinking as it applies to planning for energy uncertainty, and what some localities are already doing.
  • ARTICLE: 18 January 2008, The Daily Kos (blog)
    Peak oil event in Minneapolis
    "After listening to Daniel, I highly recommend his blog. Furthermore, go and buy his book."
  • ARTICLE: 14 December 2007, The Hamilton Spectator
    Hamilton, Ontario: Energy City
    (Report on a recent presentation by Daniel in Hamilton)
  • REVIEW: 12 November 2007, Wild Green Yonder (blog)
    Post-Carbon Cities and the Future of Growth
    "Daniel Lerch, author of the recently released book Post Carbon Cities, might be the best messenger yet for the peak oil cause..."
  • INTERVIEW (video): 17 September 2007, Peak Moment TV
    Post Carbon Cities - Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty
    Interview with author Daniel Lerch.

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