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Resolution/Ordinance: Nottingham City Council acknowledges peak oil
Published 8 December 2008 by Transition Nottingham

In a unanimous decision, the Nottingham (UK) City Council passed a measure acknowledging "the forthcoming impact of peak oil," and listing actions it plans to take to help Nottingham "rise to the challenge of peak oil but also encourage the city to grasp the opportunities which peak oil offers."

Published 8 December 2008 by Transition Nottingham,

Nottingham City council unanimously passed the this motion on 8 December 2008. We look forward to hearing more about how these items are implemented.

This Council acknowledges the forthcoming impact of peak oil. The Council therefore needs to respond, and help the citizens it serves respond, to the likelihood of shrinking oil supply but in a way which will nevertheless maintains the City’s prosperity. It acknowledges that actions taken to adapt to and mitigate against climate change also help us adapt issues around peak oil.

It will do this by:

  • developing an understanding of the impact of peak oil on the local economy and the local community
  • encouraging a move across the city towards sustainable transport, cycling and walking throughout the city
  • pursuing a rigorous energy efficiency and conservation programme through its carbon management plan, the work towards EMAS accreditation and on leading on raising energy awareness across all sectors to reduce dependency on oil based energy in the city
  • supporting research and production within the city which helps develop local effective alternative energy supplies and energy saving products in order to encourage a move away from oil based fuels and also in order to create local ‘green collar jobs’
  • co-ordinating policy and action on reducing our city’s carbon dependency and in response to the need to mitigate and adapt to climate change and peak oil.

In this way Nottingham City Council will not only be helping the city to rise to the challenge of peak oil but also encourage the city to grasp the opportunities which peak oil offers.

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