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Online: Metro Vancouver Planning Coalition website
Published by Metro Vancouver Planning Coalition (original article)

MVPC is a sustainable planning and urban design think tank on focused the Vancouver, British Columbia region. MVPC's far-reaching work tackles the urban implications of peak oil and climate change, and explores planning and design repsonses to these challenges.

Published by Metro Vancouver Planning Coalition,

From Rick Balfour, MVPC:

"The Metro Vancouver Planning Coalition is a Sustainable Planning and Urban Design Think Tank organized on an informal network structure, overseen by a Steering Committee of practicing and retired Architects and Planners. It has a number of committees and tries to cover public issues others want to avoid. The area of concern has grown to encompass what many see as the greater city area of Vancouver, the ecological basin 'from Desolation to Hope'. The MVPC grew out of community level activities started from former urban design and discretionary zoning committees in the Architectural Institute of BC some 15 to 20 years ago now."

Site contents per April 2007. Visit for the current content:

Missing Housing Types
October 2006 Housing Affordability conference session (VCPC/SFU)

Peak Oil Policy
Dynamic Cities Project (Bryn Davidson) - ways to address the end of cheap energy - (SSP2)
Proposal to the GVRD about addressing impacts of the end of cheap energy
Presentation that accompanied GVRD Proposal

Sustainability Workshops

Curve illustrating how the pattern of community is related to the form of energy used
SSP1 Report on VCPC workshop on dealing with the end of cheap energy
SSP2 Report on VCPC workshop 2006
SSP2 poster: production curves
SSP2 poster: scenario diagrams
SSP2 poster: scenario text
SSP2 slides
SSP2 map appendices

Narrow Streets & Houses

Images of traditional villages
Tinytown Startup Village Report

City Lands opportunities
MVPC report to council on higher densities on arterials
Revisions to apartment zones
Scheme for the Nanaimo Station test site
How clean fill from RAV excavation could have had far greater public benefits
Airspace towns

BC's Food Self-Reliance Report
Presentation about building on mountain slopes not the ALR
Farms, Cities & Sustainability presentation
Suburban to Rural Recovery

The Power of the Arts in Vancouver by Pier Luigi Sacco
Capitalism 3.0, A Guide to Reclaiming the Commons by Peter Barnes

Urban Futures Group
Vancouver Planning Coalition
Art Cowie: Eikos Planning
Charles Dobson: The Citizen's Handbook
Henning Wulff: Architectural Photography

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