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United StatesSouthern California Assoc. of Governments (SCAG), California17,797,500Mar 10, 2006 —

Hosted conference on the global peaking of oil and natural gas production.

Southern California Energy Conference
United StatesSouthern California Assoc. of Governments (SCAG), California17,797,500Oct 10, 2008 —

Includes energy issues in draft regional comprehensive plan

Regional Comprehensive Plan, Energy chapter (draft)
United StatesMinnesota5,197,621May 18, 2008 —

Both houses of the Minnesota Legislature approved bill urging governor to action on peak oil. (Later vetoed by gov.)

United StatesConnecticut3,405,565Nov 13, 2007 —

Legislative Peak Oil and Natural Gas Caucus releases report

Peak Oil Production and the Implications to the State of Connecticut
United StatesConnecticut3,405,565Jul 1, 2007 —

Legislative Peak Oil and Natural Gas Caucus formed

United StatesConnecticut3,405,565May 7, 2008 —

Bill (HB 5724) passed to create an energy scarcity and sustainability task force

HB 5724
United StatesConnecticut3,405,565Jun 12, 2008 —

HB 5724 signed into law

News article on bill
AustraliaBrisbane, Queensland1,857,594Aug 1, 2006 —

Climate Change and Energy Taskforce (CCET) formed to advise Council.

About the CCET
AustraliaBrisbane, Queensland1,857,594Mar 12, 2007 —

Climate Change and Energy Taskforce released their final report, including 31 recommendations across eight strategy areas.

CCET Final Report
United StatesMetro, Oregon1,400,000Apr 18, 2006 —

Released policy white paper establishing a basis for Metro to consider possible policy and program responses to "future oil supply uncertainty".

White Paper: Future Oil Supply Uncertainty and Metro
United StatesSan Francisco, California744,041Apr 11, 2006 —

First U.S. city to pass a resolution recognizing peak oil.

Acknowledging the challenge of Peak Oil...
United StatesSan Francisco, California744,041May 3, 2007 —

City authorized Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force to investigate issue and make recommendations.

United StatesSan Francisco, California744,041Jan 2, 2008 —

Task Force began meeting, to continue until October with a report released in December 2008.

United StatesSan Francisco, California744,041Mar 17, 2009 —

The Task Force released its report and held its final meeting on March 17 2009.

Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force Report
United StatesSan Francisco, California744,041Sep 24, 2009 —

The Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force presented its report to the GAO Committee of the Board of Supervisors.

Archived footage of the meeting
United StatesAustin, Texas743,074Jun 7, 2007 —

Energy Depletion Risks Task Force created by city council resolution

Resolution creating task force
United StatesAustin, Texas743,074Sep 4, 2007 —

Energy Depletion Risks Task Force started meeting. Goal of comprehensive risk assessment and contingency plan.

United StatesDenver, Colorado588,349Nov 10, 2005 —

Mayor Hickenlooper hosted Denver World Oil Forum in collaboration with ASPO-USA.

Conference site
United StatesPortland, Oregon537,081Jun 25, 2006 —

This Briefing Book was prepared by City staff for the use of the Portland Peak Oil Task Force

Portland POTF Briefing Book
United StatesPortland, Oregon537,081May 10, 2006 —

Resolution to establish a task force to study peak oil, seek community and business input, and develop recommendations on mitigation strategies.

Resolution #36407
United StatesPortland, Oregon537,081Mar 7, 2007 —

The final report of the Peak Oil Task Force appears to have been the first major peak oil vulnerability assessment by a U.S. city.

Descending the Oil Peak: Navigating the Transition From Oil and Natural Gas
United StatesPortland, Oregon537,081Mar 7, 2006 —

City council passes resolution to accept the final report of the Portland Peak Oil Task Force, setting a goal of reducing community fossil fuel use by 50% in 25 years.

Resolution #36488
CanadaHamilton, Ontario504,559Apr 13, 2006 —

Commissioned report from former Toronto City Councilor Richard Gilbert on future energy constraints might affect Hamilton's long-range planning strategy.

Hamilton: The Electric City
CanadaHamilton, Ontario504,559Dec 8, 2008 —

Council approved $35,000 to set up the Community Energy Collaborative to explore the city's energy supply vulnerabilities.

Report recommending creation of task force
United StatesCleveland, Ohio438,042Jun 9, 2008 —

Passed resolution requesting the mayor work with the council in forming a working group to investigate the city's risk.

Council resolution
United KingdomBristol, Bristol City of410,950Jul 30, 2008 —

Peak oil task force formed

News post
United KingdomBristol, Bristol City of410,950Sep 30, 2008 —

Peak Oil task force first meeting

United KingdomBristol, Bristol City of410,950Oct 1, 2009 —

"Building a positive future for Bristol after peak oil" report released.

"Building a positive future for Bristol after peak oil" report
United StatesOakland, California401,489Oct 17, 2006 —

Passed resolution creating a Task Force "to develop an action plan for Oakland to become oil independent by 2020."

2006 Resolution
United StatesOakland, California401,489Mar 19, 2008 —

Task force presented its report and policy recommendations to the Planning Commission.

United StatesOakland, California401,489Feb 26, 2008 —

Task force presented their final draft report to the Public Works Committee.

Oil Independent Oakland Action Plan 2020
United KingdomNottingham, Nottinghamshire288,700Dec 8, 2008 —

Nottingham City council passes motion to acknowledge peak oil, lists actions to increase city's preparedness.

Nottingham City Council acknowledges peak oil
United StatesAlachua County, Florida240,082Mar 18, 2007 —

Alachua County created the Energy Conservation Strategies Commission (ECSC), charged with reviewing the potential effects of global oil decline and recommending actions the County can take.

Board of County Commissioners Resolution 07-18
United StatesAlachua County, Florida240,082Dec 1, 2008 —

The ECSC's final report recommended actions to the County Commissioners to create an energy efficient and resource resilient community.

ECSC Final Report
CanadaBurnaby, British Columbia202,799Jan 4, 2006 —

Released staff report, concluding that "all levels of government and the corporate sector should begin preparations well before the peak."

Global Peak in Oil Production: The Municipal Context
United StatesSpokane, Washington200,975Feb 6, 2008 —

City launched a sustainability strategic planning effort to address both peak oil and climate change.

Press release
United StatesSpokane, Washington200,975Apr 7, 2008 —

Spokane Mayor Mary Verner selected 13 people to serve on climate change/energy security task force.

Mayor Verner Names Sustainability Project Citizen Task Force
United StatesSpokane, Washington200,975Mar 13, 2009 —

Mayor's Task Force on Sustainability released City action plan to address climate change and energy security.

Sustainability Action Plan
United StatesWhatcom County, Washington185,953May 20, 2008 —

County council unanimously passes resolution creating joint energy scarcity task force with city of Bellingham.

Resolution 2008-042
United StatesEugene, Oregon154,620Nov 5, 2008 —

First Meeting of City of Eugene's Sustainability Committee's Transportation and Land-Use Sub-Committee

AustraliaDarebin, Victoria128,067Feb 18, 2008 —

Report on Global Peak Oil delivered to council & peak oil resolution adopted. [Press release]

Darebin peak oil resolution and report
AustraliaDarebin, Victoria128,067Jul 2, 2007 —

Council resolved that officers should prepare a report on the implication for Council of Global Peak Oil.

United StatesBerkeley, California101,377May 19, 2009 —

The final report of the Berkeley Oil Independence Task Force.

Berkeley Energy Descent 2009-2020: Transitioning to the Post Carbon Era
United StatesBerkeley, California101,377Dec 18, 2007 —

City Council passed a resolution recognizing the work of citizen group Oil Independent Berkeley and requiring the City Manager to consider issues of energy uncertainty in future operations and planning.

2007 Resolution
United StatesLawrence, Kansas88,605Sep 2, 2008 —

Board of Commissioners unanimously passed resolution establishing the Mayor's Peak Oil Task Force

Resolution #6795
United StatesLawrence, Kansas88,605Jan 20, 2009 —

The Task Force held the first of ten meetings scheduled for 2009. A final report is expected no later than 12 months after the initial meeting.

Peak Oil Task Force
United StatesBellingham, Washington77,503May 19, 2008 —

The City council unanimously passed a resolution creating a joint task force with Whatcom County.

Resolution 2008-16
AustraliaMarrickville, New South Wales75,991Feb 20, 2007 —

Council passed a resolution on peak oil based on the report and recommendation of the Development and Environmental Services Committee

Report and council resolution
United StatesBloomington, Indiana72,254Jul 20, 2006 —

Passed resolution acknowledging the challenge of peak oil, supporting adoption of a global depletion protocol, and urging federal and state action on peak oil and its consequences.

2006 Resolution
United StatesBloomington, Indiana72,254Dec 1, 2007 —

Council passed a resolution to create a city Peak Oil Task Force.

2007 Resolution

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